Why do we coat printed materials?

Essentia-My-Patient-FolderThere are two very basic reasons why you might desire a coating on your printed piece, protection and visual appearance.

  • Protection: Coatings are used to help preserve the inks that are printed. A “flood” of coating (covering the entire surface) is a way to protect your materials. Coatings help reduce fingerprints, rub off and scratching. If your piece will be handled again and again, such as pocket folders, a coating will keep them looking fresh and new longer! Some ink take longer to dry than others. Certain coatings will speed the drying process and expedite your printed piece through the bindery processes without smearing or offsetting.
  • Visual Appearance: If you want all or part of your design to really stand out, a coating will do that for you. Coatings enhance colors and can be shiny or dull, and are a great tool for showing off photography and illustrations. Using a combination of dull and glossy can create a visually appealing effect!

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