Why Die-Cutting?

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In the printing industry, a die is a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern (think industrial cookie-cutter).

Die-Cutting refers to using a sharp die to cut paper, or other substrates into various shapes to make interesting and creative looks and to make folders and packaging. Like printing, die-cutting is an automated operation allowing multiple pieces of the same shape to be cut efficiently. Many standard dies are usually available for common shapes and custom die-cuts can be produced to fit your distinctive design.


Along with cutting all the way through, the die can be a perforated outline of a shape or a line, allowing the perforated part to be easily detached for items such as coupons.

A lot of printing has a regular looking appearance such as a rectangular shape. With die cutting, you can break up this appearance with shapes, scores, holes, etc., providing a much more attractive piece. As an example, your brochure might have a window in the shape of your logo, or a shape cut from its cover or pages. You may also have uniquely sculpted edges and pockets on your piece.

Door Hangers

Die-cutting is also used for functionality, such as holes for door hangers, or an envelope with a die-cut window so that an address remains visible once the envelope is sealed. Simple business card slits or tabs found on pocket folders are die-cuts.

Many options for die-cutting are available to you with almost unlimited possibilities. Contact us today and we can help you with your next project.

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What is Order Fulfillment?


Perfect order fulfillment is “the percentage of orders meeting delivery performance with complete and accurate documentation and no delivery damage.”

Image Printing’s fulfillment service offers an effective way to keep your costs down which helps your bottom-line. We offer you a comprehensive print management solution that includes safe and secure storage, on-time and damage free delivery along with an easy order solution to receive your products in a timely fashion without the hassle and expense of having to store your materials on site.

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