What is Order Fulfillment?


Perfect order fulfillment is “the percentage of orders meeting delivery performance with complete and accurate documentation and no delivery damage.”

Image Printing’s fulfillment service offers an effective way to keep your costs down which helps your bottom-line. We offer you a comprehensive print management solution that includes safe and secure storage, on-time and damage free delivery along with an easy order solution to receive your products in a timely fashion without the hassle and expense of having to store your materials on site.

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16-Plus Design Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Shine


For some marketers, direct mail may be a strange topic to tackle in our increasingly digital age. A number of consumers have endured so many mailboxes full of bad marketing pieces that they’d be happy if direct mail died altogether. However, there is a way to redeem direct mail’s reputation and use it to pique your recipients’ interest: excellent design.

6 Design Tips That Let Content Shine
Consumers don’t want you to aim straight for their money; they want to be told a good story that enriches their lives with useful information. With this as your goal, here are some specific tips to keep in mind: Continue reading “16-Plus Design Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Shine”

File Templates

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Setting up files without any assistance or a clear understanding of what your printer needs can be troublesome. Here we have provided a few templates to help you start your project off on the right foot. All of our templates are set up to the correct trim size, with folds and die-lines (if any) taken into account and indicated in the file.

Visit the template page on our website here for help in setting up your files.

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