16-Plus Design Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Shine


For some marketers, direct mail may be a strange topic to tackle in our increasingly digital age. A number of consumers have endured so many mailboxes full of bad marketing pieces that they’d be happy if direct mail died altogether. However, there is a way to redeem direct mail’s reputation and use it to pique your recipients’ interest: excellent design.

6 Design Tips That Let Content Shine
Consumers don’t want you to aim straight for their money; they want to be told a good story that enriches their lives with useful information. With this as your goal, here are some specific tips to keep in mind:

• Build a mailing list only of customers who would already be interested in your product. Covering a neighborhood with pet care postcards will just annoy residents if none of them owns a pet.

• Include a call to action that is urgent, but not pushy. Give a deadline for the coupon you’re offering, or use another friendly encouragement for the recipient to respond.

• Go for a larger size if you use postcards, as this gives you more room to include all the essential info and some fun visuals without cramming anything in.

• Also for postcards, always use both sides. The address side of the card is an often-wasted opportunity to hook viewers and make them want to know more.

• Keep words to a minimum — convey as much through your illustrations, white space, font choices and layout as you can. High-quality background photos are one of the easiest ways to make your piece engaging and communicate a message that a few well-chosen words can supplement.

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