Millennials and Printing

MillennialsThe millennial generation born between 1980 and 2000 spend more time on their electronic devices than any other generation. You may think that any marketing campaign that targets millennials wouldn’t have much use for printing, but millennials are diverse, and many of them are far more traditional than you may think.

As millennials grow in the work force, they will spend over a trillion dollars annually over the next five years. Millennials are a fast market but they are starting to age and form habits. Nearing the age of 40 now, they are no longer necessarily the young people you might have imagined when you heard the word only a few years ago.

Millennials have helped lead the return of traditional forms of printing such as stationery and greeting cards.

Some millennials crave the feel of print and a better delivery for content. This hold true for books as well. A survey of college students found that 92% prefer reading print material to digital material. If the cost of the print and digital copy of a leisure book were the same, 80% would pick the paper version.

As we grow in the world of communications, all generations continue to view printing as a necessary and effective way of getting your message across. Contact any of our Account Executives today and they would be happy to assist you with conveying your messages through the medium of print.

Image Printing has been producing the highest quality printing in the region since 1994. We have the expertise and knowledge to bring your business and brand to life. If you want to leave a lasting impression with your customers, our team can guide you in new and exciting ways. Learn more about Image Printing at

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