Use die cuts to make your printed piece stand out in a crowd

MSUM PacketLet’s talk for a moment about how you can make your printed piece stand out with die cutting. When cutting through paper with reveal windows, custom shapes or pop-ups, your piece will come to life.

No longer will you need a flat generic piece when it can have dimension, movement and shapes that add interest to your project.

You don’t need to just use squares and rectangles. Create unique shapes, match logos, even letters that will enhance your design. You can engage customers with die cutting that wow the recipient and leave an impression. Your pieces can be creative, exciting, and functional so people will want to keep them.

Die cut pieces that are 3D can literally stand alone and add depth. Think of the possibilities for items to be left behind with a client or displayed in your place of business.

At Image Printing , we have a variety of dies on hand and can help you to create a custom die for your specific needs. Visit with any of our Account Executives for additional die cut information and for all your printing needs.


Image Printing has been producing the highest quality printing in the region since 1994. We have the expertise and knowledge to bring your business and brand to life. If you want to leave a lasting impression with your customers, our team can guide you in new and exciting ways. Learn more about Image Printing at

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